Keep Giving

Every inch of love that you give will come back in one way or the other. Never stop giving. Universe is keeping track of it. Keep Giving.

I read the above message today. It was quite refreshing and interesting at the same time. I have always believed in the power of giving. Someone is always happy when you give.

Yesterday evening by 9:30 pm I took my son 4.5 years old to a nearby park. He enjoyed playing in the park. Few grown up kids may be in the age of 10 years also were playing. One girl was sharing chocolate with her friends. My son being fond of chocolates was attracted to the chocolate. He went and asked the girl chocolate. She instantly denied and didn’t give chocolate. I thought my son would be heart broken due to that. But that didn’t bother him, he started playing with other kids. While playing in the park, he found one small toy of two pieces. He and his friends played with it in swing, slide by throwing it here and there. It was quite an innovative way to use props to play in slide and swing. I was having fun watching them play.

I didn’t want to take the toy with us while going back. I took the toy without the kids knowing and kept it in a nearby sitting place, so that whoever forgot that would take it away.

Next day i.e. today, I took my son early in the morning by 9:00 am to the same park. He was overjoyed to see the toy which he was playing yesterday. He said a small thank you to God “Thank you God for keeping it safe from ghosts “. He as usual started to play with the toy. After a few minutes another girl of 2 to 3 years old came to play in the same park. They both started to play with it. And as usual they were enjoying themselves.

When we started to go back the other girl who was playing with him started to get cranky saying that she wanted the toy. My son without any pretensions gave away that toy to the little girl. She was very happy.

When I asked why you gave that toy to the little girl. He gave the answer “If I took that toy the small girl would be crying, she doesn’t have toys to play. She is happy.” . I asked him “What about you.” He said “That is ok. I don’t want the toy ” . Yesterday’s chocolate incident didn’t stop him giving away the toy to the little girl.

Moral of the story: Kids’ hearts are pure like gold. There is a special joy in giving. In the process of giving you make two people happy, the other person and self. Then why elders always refrain from giving and sharing when needed. Just a thought to ponder.

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