Reached ML

This is a small story of reuniting with my college friend named Mihir. I call him ML.

In our engineering college during 2nd year, diploma students get direct admission. At that time I got introduced to him. He was also from Mumbai. We were together in same hostel. Our hostel rooms were also nearby. So we met quite often and became good friends. 3 years of college life from 2nd to 4th was enough to make the bond stronger. He was a hard working guy. I liked him a lot.

Post college life many of our friends including him used to meet each other in holidays. We all were happy. As the years passed our meet with each other dried up. But we used to be in constant touch with each other via phone calls. That also got reduced, as everyone were either moved to other county or state.

I made sure that I be in touch with all my friends who mattered to me by occassional call or message during festival time or on birthdays.

In the meanwhile he got married. Unfortunately I was not able to attend his wedding. Later that I was not in touch with him neither he was not in contact.

But I was not able to communicate to this friend of mine Mihir. But I thought let’s not think much and moved on. I even thought was he unhappy that I didn’t attend his wedding. At least he could have tried to connect. Lots of ifs and buts were running inside.

Few months back for some reason I was thinking about him . And I was not able to take him out of my memory. May be because of the good memories which we shared with each other.
I was not in touch with him for more than 7 years and somehow lost contact.

I tried calling his old no but I was not able to reach him. I tried to take help from few other friends as well but in no vain. Then I remembered my old digital diary (software) where I had saved almost all of our friends and colleagues no.

I got the phone no of his land line. I dialed with the hope that I reach that no. But I couldn’t get through. I tried after two days. To my surprise the bell rang. I heard a familiar voice on other side , it was a sigh of relief. I knew it was his father. I spoke to him but I knew he didn’t recognize me, and it was normal. I explained him I am Ketan and Mihir’s college friend. Normally no one share their children no to strangers but he happen to understand my eagerness to connect to Mihir. He disclosed his mobile no. I thanked him wholeheartedly.

There is a small twist now. I tried the no given by his father , but it went to wrong no. I tried again and same result. I felt disheartened. I tried his land line and spoke to his father again explaining about the wrong number. He accepted and said he couldn’t see the number properly written in the book. Then I got the new no.I thanked him again.
I called Mihir in his new no and I was able to talk to him.
Believe me he was the same buddy with whom I was eager to connect. Some friendship and relationships linger around and time will never rust it.

For me it was like a small victory and achievement to talk to him again after so long time.

Long live the friendship and long live my friend.


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