Petrol Over

Usually I always keep my Royal Enfield 350 cc bullet tank full or half everytime. Its never out of petrol. This time I had forgotten to keep a check on petrol tank, and the reserve indicator also malfunctioned.

I didn’t check the petrol nor the reserve indicator.

While riding back to home at midnight I felt a slight jerk in pick up. I had my intuition something is not correct. But I ignored the warning sign.

But I reached home without any issues. Next day morning I tried to start my bike,it didn’t start. I checked my bike it was all looking fine. I checked petrol tank there was not a single drop of petrol.

I was surprised.

If at all the petrol would have got over while coming back to home, I would have to push the bike to home or till petrol pump.

Just imagining a 100 kg man pushing 180 kg Royal Enfield Bullet.

Not a good sign.

It’s not that I have not pushed my bullet.

But not at midnight.

What should I consider about the petrol getting over just after I reached home.

1) Was I lucky

2) Was I foolish in handling the petrol indication

3) Was there a divine intervention

Just wondering and pondering.

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