15 km run

After a break of 8 days I resumed running. Initial plan was to attempt a long distance of more than 20 km. But I had to keep myself happy with 15 km. Considering my break I did well. The route was having lots of ups and downs. I took a short break at 9.5 km to purchase water.

I deliberately took a route which will have lot of elevation. May be that is the right way to attemp some tough routes every now and then to keep ourself challenging.

I went from Mahalakshmi Layout – Chord road – Vijay nagar – Basaveshwarnagar – Ambedkar stadium. Did one loop of ambedkar stadium Took an auto to return back home.

It feels good to run.

Some pictures which was taken post run .

Post Run

Water Bottle

Garmin 15km



Enjoyed the run. One day to go for 2016.

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