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3 Km Run,300 m Swim,8 Km Cycle – 01 April 2021

I ran for 3 km and swam for 300 m . I commuted to work in cycle. The distance which I covered was 8 km to and fro. I discovered a new route which has lesser traffic. Run Swim Cycle … Continue reading

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Thonnur Swimathon 1km swim

I am not able to think from where to start. I am not able to believe I did that. I am not able to feel weather it was real. I am not able to forget what I did. I am … Continue reading

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500 m swim

After a long time I did swimming. It was a good session. My weight is 98.4kg. Worried because of the weight. I did my video log also today. Today’s activities 500 m swim, kapalbhati 5 min, surya namaskar 11, Anulomvilom, … Continue reading

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10 km cycle 3 km run and 900 m swim

Wow what a sunday morning. A perfect CRCS moment. Cycle (5.2km) Run (3km) Cycle (4.8km) Swim (900m). I couldnt have asked for anything more. I am feeling tired. I will take rest now.

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6 km run and 1 km swim

A good beginning. After sleeping very late yesterday night. I did a 6km run and 1km swim. I didn’t think that I can do a 1km swim after the 6km run. It was tough. The plan was to wrap up … Continue reading

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920 m swim

I was lazy to get up early else I would have gone for the 7am batch of swimming. Went for the 8am batch. It was a good swim. I thought I will do 1km but ended up doing 920m. There … Continue reading

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4 km walk and 500 m swim

Never underestimate any activity. 4km run followed by 500 m swim. Sometimes its good to walk. Instead I would say we should make it a habit to walk everyday with the other high intensity activity like running or gymming.

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5km run and 600m swim

It was a good start to the day. Did a 5km run and 600m swim. I went to run in Mahalakshmi layout. The route was tough. The upward stretch was a killer. Swimming was slighly more tiring. For a change … Continue reading

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1 km swim and 10 surya namaskar

#1km #swim #1000m #beatyesterday A photo posted by Ketan Salamon Nadar (@ketannadar) on Jan 12, 2017 at 7:04pm PST 1 km swim and 10 surya namaskar. It was a good activity. Enjoyed. Excited about tomorrow cycling.

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I TRIed – My first Triathlon

Before starting let me thank my friend for helping in achieving this. It was a long time desire to attempt a Triathlon. The definition says “an athletic contest consisting of three different events, typically swimming, cycling, and long-distance running”. I … Continue reading

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