20 Truth about Life

1) Life has no purpose.

We came from nothing. And once we are gone there will be nothing.

No one will remember us beyond a few years or decades.

And yet we will spend every second of our life wondering what people think of us!

2) Where you were born, who you were born to and when you were born, has the highest correlation to where you will end up in life.

Your opportunities, your privileges, your worldview, all stemmed from this lucky event that you had no role to play with.

3) Reading books will not make you smart.

Watching motivational videos will not make you driven.

Writing will not make your thoughts clearer.

We are not shaped by these things.

We are shaped by the stories we tell ourselves.

4) Whatever you are feeling today, will fade away.

No matter how happy you are, how sad you are, you are not going to remember how happy or sad you were.

Our emotions and feelings are temporary.

We think of them as permanent.

5) We know others through their actions.

We know ourselves through our thoughts.

So we always think we are right, because in our thoughts we know why we do what we do.

6) We struggle to love ourselves because we attach our self worth to what others think of us.

But we don’t control what others think of us.

7) Every parent learns on the job.

And most of them don’t do a good job.

8) Most of leadership is about creating competition.

Competition within teams.

Competition with others.

And if talent and capability cannot be competed on, the last resolve is to compete on identities.

“This is us. And that is them. We are different.”

9) We spend so much time thinking what they are thinking about us.

But they are not thinking about us.

They are just thinking what you are thinking about them.

10) There is no way to know if a decision is the right decision, before you take it.

And yet, that is what we spend all our time on!

11) Empathy cannot be taught.

Either you are born with it.

Or not.

12) We all accept the love we think we deserve.

13) Our mind is our biggest enemy.

But it is our mind that tells us that it is a friend.

14) The purpose of college is to explore yourself.

Most of us get lost instead.

15) We nod to show that we are listening.

But we are not listening to the opposite person.

Instead, we are listening to our mind telling us what to say.

16) It takes effort to find love.

It takes effort to feel fulfilled.

It takes effort to be fit.

It takes effort to be happy.

Which is why most of us do not have love, fulfilment, happiness or fitness in our life.

17) Power over others makes us feel good about ourselves.

And that feeling is addictive.

Which is why most managers become bad managers.

18) When we say we do not know what to do, we mostly mean we don’t what if what we want to do will work out or not.

We always know what to do.

19) We always have choices.

No one is ever stuck.

We are just scared to make those choices.

20) We get angry when someone says something bad about us, because there is a small chance that what they said is true.

Else we would never get angry!

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10 Km Walk – 14 December 2020

I walked for 10 km after a long time. I thought I will stop after 5 km but I got company for next 3 km. Later on pushed for another 2 km to finish 10 km. Feeling good.

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Petrol Over

Usually I always keep my Royal Enfield 350 cc bullet tank full or half everytime. Its never out of petrol. This time I had forgotten to keep a check on petrol tank, and the reserve indicator also malfunctioned.

I didn’t check the petrol nor the reserve indicator.

While riding back to home at midnight I felt a slight jerk in pick up. I had my intuition something is not correct. But I ignored the warning sign.

But I reached home without any issues. Next day morning I tried to start my bike,it didn’t start. I checked my bike it was all looking fine. I checked petrol tank there was not a single drop of petrol.

I was surprised.

If at all the petrol would have got over while coming back to home, I would have to push the bike to home or till petrol pump.

Just imagining a 100 kg man pushing 180 kg Royal Enfield Bullet.

Not a good sign.

It’s not that I have not pushed my bullet.

But not at midnight.

What should I consider about the petrol getting over just after I reached home.

1) Was I lucky

2) Was I foolish in handling the petrol indication

3) Was there a divine intervention

Just wondering and pondering.

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Keep Giving

Every inch of love that you give will come back in one way or the other. Never stop giving. Universe is keeping track of it. Keep Giving.

I read the above message today. It was quite refreshing and interesting at the same time. I have always believed in the power of giving. Someone is always happy when you give.

Yesterday evening by 9:30 pm I took my son 4.5 years old to a nearby park. He enjoyed playing in the park. Few grown up kids may be in the age of 10 years also were playing. One girl was sharing chocolate with her friends. My son being fond of chocolates was attracted to the chocolate. He went and asked the girl chocolate. She instantly denied and didn’t give chocolate. I thought my son would be heart broken due to that. But that didn’t bother him, he started playing with other kids. While playing in the park, he found one small toy of two pieces. He and his friends played with it in swing, slide by throwing it here and there. It was quite an innovative way to use props to play in slide and swing. I was having fun watching them play.

I didn’t want to take the toy with us while going back. I took the toy without the kids knowing and kept it in a nearby sitting place, so that whoever forgot that would take it away.

Next day i.e. today, I took my son early in the morning by 9:00 am to the same park. He was overjoyed to see the toy which he was playing yesterday. He said a small thank you to God “Thank you God for keeping it safe from ghosts “. He as usual started to play with the toy. After a few minutes another girl of 2 to 3 years old came to play in the same park. They both started to play with it. And as usual they were enjoying themselves.

When we started to go back the other girl who was playing with him started to get cranky saying that she wanted the toy. My son without any pretensions gave away that toy to the little girl. She was very happy.

When I asked why you gave that toy to the little girl. He gave the answer “If I took that toy the small girl would be crying, she doesn’t have toys to play. She is happy.” . I asked him “What about you.” He said “That is ok. I don’t want the toy ” . Yesterday’s chocolate incident didn’t stop him giving away the toy to the little girl.

Moral of the story: Kids’ hearts are pure like gold. There is a special joy in giving. In the process of giving you make two people happy, the other person and self. Then why elders always refrain from giving and sharing when needed. Just a thought to ponder.

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Reached ML

This is a small story of reuniting with my college friend named Mihir. I call him ML.

In our engineering college during 2nd year, diploma students get direct admission. At that time I got introduced to him. He was also from Mumbai. We were together in same hostel. Our hostel rooms were also nearby. So we met quite often and became good friends. 3 years of college life from 2nd to 4th was enough to make the bond stronger. He was a hard working guy. I liked him a lot.

Post college life many of our friends including him used to meet each other in holidays. We all were happy. As the years passed our meet with each other dried up. But we used to be in constant touch with each other via phone calls. That also got reduced, as everyone were either moved to other county or state.

I made sure that I be in touch with all my friends who mattered to me by occassional call or message during festival time or on birthdays.

In the meanwhile he got married. Unfortunately I was not able to attend his wedding. Later that I was not in touch with him neither he was not in contact.

But I was not able to communicate to this friend of mine Mihir. But I thought let’s not think much and moved on. I even thought was he unhappy that I didn’t attend his wedding. At least he could have tried to connect. Lots of ifs and buts were running inside.

Few months back for some reason I was thinking about him . And I was not able to take him out of my memory. May be because of the good memories which we shared with each other.
I was not in touch with him for more than 7 years and somehow lost contact.

I tried calling his old no but I was not able to reach him. I tried to take help from few other friends as well but in no vain. Then I remembered my old digital diary (software) where I had saved almost all of our friends and colleagues no.

I got the phone no of his land line. I dialed with the hope that I reach that no. But I couldn’t get through. I tried after two days. To my surprise the bell rang. I heard a familiar voice on other side , it was a sigh of relief. I knew it was his father. I spoke to him but I knew he didn’t recognize me, and it was normal. I explained him I am Ketan and Mihir’s college friend. Normally no one share their children no to strangers but he happen to understand my eagerness to connect to Mihir. He disclosed his mobile no. I thanked him wholeheartedly.

There is a small twist now. I tried the no given by his father , but it went to wrong no. I tried again and same result. I felt disheartened. I tried his land line and spoke to his father again explaining about the wrong number. He accepted and said he couldn’t see the number properly written in the book. Then I got the new no.I thanked him again.
I called Mihir in his new no and I was able to talk to him.
Believe me he was the same buddy with whom I was eager to connect. Some friendship and relationships linger around and time will never rust it.

For me it was like a small victory and achievement to talk to him again after so long time.

Long live the friendship and long live my friend.


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28 February 2020 10 Km Run

I ran a 10 km run around Dasarahalli Lake . I ran a strong run. Last two km was tough and the pace was low. Today I checked my weight it has not reduced from the previous reading of 92.6 kg .

10 Km 🏃‍♂️
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24 February 2020 5 Km Run

I ran for 5 Km inside my apartment. I even climbed for 17 floors.

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23 February 2020 10 km Run 6 Km Walk

Today I went to my old regular place in Sankey. But I didn’t run in Sankey. Instead I ran small distance in Sankey and went to Malleshwaram. It was good to try different route.

10 Km Run, 2 Km Walk
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21 February 2020 4 Km Walk 6 Km Run

Ran for 6 km and walked for 4 km. It always feels good to reach the 10 km by either walking or running. Today I wore my #mission70 tshirt as well.

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19 February 2020 2 Km Run 5 Km Walk

Ran for 2 Km and walked for 5 Km. It was my fastest 1 mile in recent times.

5 Km Walk, 2 Km Run
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