Hope to Live

I have always liked fishes. Not to eat but as pets. But never ventured into getting fish as pets.

My father and uncle had fishes at home so I knew how to handle fish and cleaning fish tank.

After a lot of thinking I purchased two pair of fishes Guppy and Zebra fish. I purchased a fish bowl to keep the fishes and these fishes didn’t require air motor. So with bare minimum maintenance the fish can be maintained and the fishes were not costly either.
The fishes were purchased and welcomed to home by mid of January 2021.

First Day
Top View of tank

Initially fishes were all happy and doing well, but after exactly one month one guppy fish died as it became weak. I was sad and transferred that dead fish to my flower pot. Hope its soul rest in peace.

After that incident I thought fishes should have a new atmosphere and I introduced big rocks inside. Fishes were happy and it used to go inside and come out in small places. I hoped I gave a new environment and everything went smoothly.

Recently around 15 days back I was not able to find one fish among the three fishes. I thought it would be somewhere inside the rocks. I didn’t bother about that. This went on for next 3 days and all of a sudden the missing fish appeared. It looked weak and tired and its color also got changed from orange to white color. I thought the fish is nearing its last days.

Weak Fish

I even researched what can be done to that. Few articles suggested to keep it in quarantine in another tank. After giving it a lot of thought I cleaned the tank. Usually fishes always resist while catching using net. But this fish didn’t resist on the contrary it was giving away hope of living.
After cleaning the tank I didn’t place the big rocks . Only small colorful rocks just for the sake of keeping. I reintroduced all the three fishes. The healthy fishes tried to play with weak fish and tried to keep it going. Its been a week post the cleaning of the tank . The weak fish is trying to recover. Even though it is weak . At least it is being kept active by its friends and its not losing hope.

Fish Recovering

Hope the fish lives on happily with its friends.

What I understood was when the fish was having rocks to hide, it hid itself so it was alone and sad. When it got the option to enjoy and play with its friends it is trying to live.

Always keep moving and never lose hope. Keep in touch with people who matter to you to be happy and healthy.

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