Monthly Archives: March 2017

2 km walk and 500 m swim

Simple walk of 2 km and 500 m swim. The pool was crowded. My weight was 98.5 kg today. Activities done 2km walk, 500 m swim, 14 surya namaskar, kapalbhati, meditation

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3.9 km cycle and 12 surya namaskar

Cycled for  3.9 km. I could have done more. My weight is 97.9 kg.  Today’s activities 3.9km cycle, kapalbhati, surya namaskar 12, meditation

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500 m swim

After a long time I did swimming. It was a good session. My weight is 98.4kg. Worried because of the weight. I did my video log also today. Today’s activities 500 m swim, kapalbhati 5 min, surya namaskar 11, Anulomvilom, … Continue reading

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