To Do – 2017

I should not keep a resolution in 2017. I realized all these years I kept resolutions and unfortunately I failed miserably in maintaining those.

This year I will just change the name from Resolution to To Do. Not sure will this work, but there is always a hope.

The following is the list of To Do’s in 2017. Which is only personal. The rule I put on myself is to add to the list but never delete or rectify the existing list. I read somewhere that if the goals are written somewhere then it becomes more authentic and we will get diligent to follow them. After a year I would like to review what all points I was able to complete successfully. These to do’s will range from achievements or targets or habits or anything which will make it challenging and fun.

To Do’s 2017
(Added on 02-January-2017)
1. Run a total distance of 2500 km , Cycle a total distance of 1000 km.
2. Lose 10kg. Current weight 97.4 kg
3. Get some health statistics under control.Thyroid,Sugar level, Cholesterol
4. Eat more of fruits and vegetables.
5. Leave processed sugar
6. Say no to junk food
7. Read a minimum of 15 books. (Excluding technical ones)
8. Stop using un parliamentary words
9. Keep detailed log of expenses
10. Shave beard every week

The list looks exhaustive. But more or less all the points relate to each other. In future if any new points I feel needs to be there in To Do list I will surely update it with a date.

Wish the new year brings lot of happiness everywhere.

Happy New Year

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